KASELINX Scheduler

KASELINX Workflow Management Scheduler

KASELINX Scheduler - Workflow Management

Communications between the sales and design needs to be as efficient as possible. KASEMAKE has an optional software package that runs in conjunction with the main system to automate this process.

KASELINX - Provides seamless data sharing for Management Information Systems (MIS), business enquiries and design office workflow.
There are several modules which users can be given access to depending on their needs:

KASELINXCreate – this is a standalone application that is used to create jobs, it can be used by sales personnel on their laptops, or office based staff and uses a form based entry system so that all the essential design information is entered into the system correctly, including parametric designs and bespoke artwork. Once the user is happy all the information for the jobs they’ve entered is correct, or when sales staff have returned to the office, the jobs can be submitted to the KASELINX system.
KASELINXScheduler – this is the heart of the KASELINX system and uses a calendar type view which your design manager can use to check the details of newly submitted jobs, allocate them to a designer, monitor their progress, and attach all documentation associated with the job, so that every detail is available in one place. Once a job has been allocated to a designer, KASEMAKE’s integral scheduler will automatically notify the designer that there is a new job waiting. When the work is completed up to an approval stage, it can be marked as such by the designer and sent back to the Scheduler. At this stage the design is also made available on KASEWEB – another key part of the KASELINX system.
KASEWEB - KASEWEB is a secure, web-based project sharing facility. 2D drawings, high-resolution images, 3D animations, and other files can be viewed online using a web browser. Customers can approve or reject a job online, which then notifies the designer via the scheduler that the next stage is ready to commence. This really speeds up the design/approval process.

Combined with KASEMAKE, the KASELINX system provides powerful workflow and project management, at the same time as simplifying and accelerating the customer’s involvement and approval of the job.