in3D - Environment modelling

This new module enables you to place your designs in a 3D environment e.g. a shop or office. This could be done within KASEMAKE to a certain extent, but with less realism and larger scenes had a tendency to make the 3D slow. in3D uses a new 3D engine which harnesses more of the power of the graphic card and allows large scenes to be handles. Improved lighting, shadow effects, and reflectivity means the live 3D view is much more realistic, creating similar views to the older rendered static images, but live. KASEMAKE can publish 3D objects straight into an in3D scene from the KASEMAKE 3D menu.

In 3D has a special walkthrough mode which allows an avatar representing the user to be inserted into the environment (e.g. a supermarket aisle) and the user can then navigate around the environment as if in a game. The environment uses physics so that walking into an object will stop you, also it allows you to place objects on top of others.

In3D features the ability to take fast, high quality JPG snapshots of the environments rather than waiting for a raytrace to render (see example above) and the ability to export animations in MP4 format.

in3D allows you to take a cross section, or slice through a 3D object to allow you to work out the aperture profile that would be required for a packaging fitment tray. This vector profile can saved and imported back into KASEMAKE to insert in to a 2D design.