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KASEMAKE Packaging Design Software

Huhtamaki BCP Cut Lead Time - Huhtamaki BCP have added a DYSS X5 to their design team drastically reducing their design lead time - Click here
Fastrak. Delivering The Finest Cuts - Fastrak have taken their commitment to providing the total package to every customer even further with the acquisition of a state-of-the-art DYSS X7 1630T die cutting table - Click here
AG/CAD Packages the Picture Perfect Solution for Venture Photography - DYSS X7-1630 enables Venture to maintain full autonomy of its processes Click here
Clarke Rubicon Invest in Latest Technology - as part of the company’s acquisition trail to continually introduce new technology, Coalville based Clarke Rubicon has recently invested in a DYSS X5 1310t digital cutting table from AG/CAD. Click here
Pure Point of Sale Invests in Super-Wide format DYSS X7 - Image Reports Click here

AG/CAD Designs Large Format Success for PS2

See how Cheshire based PS2 Print revalutionised their business by adding a DYSS X7 to their equipment - click here


Nov/Dec 2013 - Sign Directions

Making the Right Impression - Impression Bolton invest in KM627R. To view full article click here

September 2013 - Sign of the Times Magazine

Turnkey DGS 3D POP Store System - featuring KASEMAKE. To view full article click here

Sign World magazine June 2013

June 2013 - Sign World Magazine makes signs for success - To view full article click here


May/June 2013 - Sign Update Magazine

UYR Sends Inefficiency Down The Pan - To view full article click here


Sign Directions magazine

April 2013 - Sign Directions Magazine

Special feature on cutting, routing and engraving. To view full article click here

Sign Digital 2013 April 2013 - Signs Directions - Sign & Digital 2013 Show Special - click here
Image reports March 2013 March 2013 - Image reports - AG/CAD Limited Sets a Platform for Future Success with Digital Sign - click here
Victoria Litho DYSS X7

Victoria Litho invest in AG/CAD's DYSS X7

Victoria Litho have invested in a DYSS Digital Finishing Machine: a small batch production machine, which can also make individual samples in a range of materials. If you're running a POS business this is a seriously useful piece of kit to help you realise additional added value. To read the full story click here

  2012 and earlier
Belmont Packaging KASELINX Scheduler

Belmont Packaging, AG/CAD and Abaca work in partnership.

Belmont Packaging, AG/CAD and Abaca are working in partnership to accelerate the design and approval process. AG/CAD and Abaca have developed links between their two systems to minimise admin and the risk of mistakes through double entry of the same information. To read the full story click here

Diamond Box KASEMAKE

Diamond Box invests in added value and innovation capability

Diamond Box continues to invest in their added value and innovation capability in the form of world class design folk, software and conversion kit: They’ve hired Tony Arnell as their new Design Manager. Having won numerous Star Packs and three World Stars his pedigree in innovation speaks for itself. Tony’s first decision was to invest in AG/CAD’s 3-D software. To read the full story click here


Reliability, Ease of Purchase and a Return on Investment for Pure POS

The service from AG/CAD has been excellent. Their flexible finance option made for this being the single easiest asset we have purchased during the history of our company and everything was setup on time and exactly as described. To read the full story click here

Teakcroft invest in KASEMAKE

Teakcroft Invest in KASEMAKE, With no Cost for Finance

We knew we had to move with the times and enhance our sales effort. Most benefit would come from improving our sample making capabilities, raising quality of product, freeing designers to design creatively and reducing turn round time. We achieved all of these objectives by investing in a KASEMAKE Design and Sample Making System. To read the full story click here


Displaypak Invests in the KASEMAKE KM626A, Digital Die Cutting System

DisplayPak Managing Director, Andy Dearman was looking for a finishing solution that was flexible enough to suit the wide range of materials his customer base demand at a price that is affordable. To read the full story click here

Alban cases

Alban Cases improves production capabilities

Everyone knows that it is essential to have ‘the right tools for the right job’. Alban Cases decided to put this into practice when looking to purchase the latest design and sampling technology from AG/CAD. To read the full story click here

Diamond Corrugated

Diamond Corrugated opt for KASEMAKE

Diamond Corrugated operates from an 80,000 sq.ft. manufacturing and warehousing facility in the city of Derry, North West of Ireland. Packaging has been in the Diamond family for 3 generations and with over 70 years steeped in the packaging tradition they remain a privately owned company. To read the full story click here

Halsall International KASEMAKE

Halsall International design packaging 'in house'

Established for over 55 years, with extensive offices and showrooms in Fleetwood, Lancashire, Hong Kong and Nuremberg, Germany, Halsall International Ltd is the UK’s largest, privately owned toy manufacturer. To read the full story click here