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DYSS X7 Digital Cutter - the perfect partner for your digital UV printer

Cutting edge digital die cutting and finishing for maximum productivity

How Digital Die Cutting Can Help You

The Problem

The rapid take-up of digital printing by traditional Printers, Signmakers and POS/POP Display Companies has led to a similar increase in the demand for digital finishing. Whether applied, laminated or printed directly onto the substrate, rigid or flexible, sheet or roll, most digitally printed graphics need to be profile cut or trimmed.

Hand cutting or outsourcing trimming and profile cutting is costly and inefficient. Turnaround times can often mean the difference between winning business or losing it. Quality and consistency in the finished product can also be an issue under pressure.

The Solution

Investing in a digital cutter is now considered as important as investing in a digital printer. The DYSS X7 Digital Cutter provides precise, efficient, camera-guided routing and knife cutting, automating your finishing, reducing mistakes, and keeping labour down to the absolute minimum. The X7 maximises quality and productivity, all at a highly affordable level of investment.

Significantly lower pricing than our competitors together with 3 and 5 year finance/leasing options means entering the digital cutting arena has never been easier.

The DYSS Models

We offer the X5 and the X7 models, each of which comes in a range of sizes to suit any application.

For more information on the X5 range go to X5 features.

For more information on the X7 range go to X7 features.

Please contact us for more details on +44(0)1606 863344 or sales@dyss-uk.com or visit the DYSS website