Designs can be created quickly and easily with the KASEMAKE software. Tools specifically designed to aid in the construction of displays/packaging are at the designers’ disposal, bringing designs to the customer more efficiently, making this a powerful design package for complete in-store solutions.


Much display work is bespoke and is tailored to the customer’s requirements of course.

The sign making industry uses a wide range of materials which require different methods of cutting; for example acryllic and materials such as di-bond need to be cut using a router, and KASEMAKE has the functionality to automatically add a router path to your drawing based on bit size and other factors.


KASEMAKE will also add a finishing pass and then process the information so that the correct instructions are sent straight to your cutting table, and with or without camera registration, your job will be precision routed exactly as required.

The user-friendly drawing tools allow the designer to create designs to match the brief faster than any other software.

The finished designs can be logged into an integral database along with relevant details and can be folded into 3D with artwork applied and placed into a virtual environment for a walkthrough or virtual proof.